Outriders Ash Status Effect

Ash is a status effect in Outriders. It’s a debuff you can apply to enemies. You might have seen it in descriptions of Pyro skills, or various weapons you’ve found in the field of battle. It’s not a rare debuff, but a lot of folks have no idea what it does. The game does offer an explanation, but it’s hidden away in a nested menu, which many are having trouble finding. If you’re wondering what the Outriders ash status effect is, what it does to enemies and how to get it, this guide will tell you everything you need to know.

outriders ash status effect debuff
Outriders Ash Status Effect

Ash debuff in Outriders

You might have seen this debuff mentioned in skill descriptions, like the Feed the Flame skill for the Pyromancer. You also could’ve spotted it in weapon descriptions – a shotgun that inflicts ash to nearby enemies on kill, for instance. But what does it do, exactly?

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In the simplest terms possible, ash is actually stun. When applied, it will immobilize your targets, stopping them from moving and attacking. It’s extremely useful, especially for crowd control – if you can apply it to a group of enemies via an AoE skill or a weapon mod, it’ll allow you to whittle their numbers down or put some distance between you.

Of course, you can also end up on the receiving end of ash. Getting stunned is no fun, but thankfully, there’s a way to speed up recovery once you are. When an enemy inflicts the ash debuff on you, you should spam your melee attack. This will cause your character to struggle until they break free, shortening the duration of the status effect considerably.

It’s one of the most useful debuffs you can use, but it’s mostly limited to Pyro. Finding a weapon mod that allows you to use it with other classes is a big boon.

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