Quality Wyvern Egg Monster Hunter Rise - Only the Good Eggs

Monster Hunter Rise Quality Wyvern Egg is an item that you need to obtain in order to complete the Only the Good Eggs side quest. This is complicated by several factors. For one, the egg appears in only one location that we know off, and even then, only on high-ranking quests or expeditions. Also, a fierce monster tends to guard the nest, which is extra fun. If you’re having trouble with finding this item, then our Quality Wyvern Egg Monster Hunter Rise – Only the Good Eggs guide is the right place to be.

quality wyvern egg monster hunter rise only the good eggs
Quality Wyvern Egg Monster Hunter Rise – Only the Good Eggs

Where to Find Quality Wyvern Egg in Monster Hunter Rise

To find the Quality Wyvern Egg in Monster Hunter Rise for the Only the Good Eggs side quest, you need to go onto a high-rank expedition or quest to the Shrine Ruins map. That seems to be the only way to make them spawn, but only in one specific location. You need to go to the northeast of the area, to the number 11. To reach the place, you’ll need to clamber up a vine-covered cliff wall to reach a plateau where the wyvern nest is. You can see the exact location below. It’s not too difficult to find. Getting your hands on the egg and getting it to safety is a different matter entirely.

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The first thing that you need to know is that there’s a good chance a Rathalos will be guarding the egg. You can approach this issue in three ways. One is to take the beast on, mano a mano. The second option is to use a lure to get its attention while you steal the egg. The third, and least smart option, is to just grab the egg and book it.

However you choose to get the Monster Hunter Rise Quality Wyvern Egg, keep in mind that your movement speed will be reduced significantly while carrying it. If an enemy hits you, you’ll drop the egg and will have to go get it again. Also, don’t drop it manually, because you might not be able to pick it up again. So, make sure to take it to the drop box at the beginning of the map safely. Don’t worry, you can climb back down the vines while carrying it.

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