Outriders Big Iron - Look for Weapon Parts

Big Iron is a side quest in Outriders, and it requires you to look for Weapon Parts within a specific region. It’s not the hardest mission out there, but it can be a problem if you’re not paying attention. Add to it the fact that the quest marker can sometimes bug out, things can get pretty hairy. With that in mind, here’s our Outriders Big Iron – Look for Weapon Parts guide to show you the way.

outriders big iron look for weapon parts
Outriders Big Iron – Look for Weapon Parts

Where to Find Weapon Parts in Outriders Big Iron Side Quest

To find Weapon Parts for the Outriders Big Iron side quest, you have to look around the desert area starting with Dwindling Oasis. We’re going to begin from the point of the small lake with pink-leaved trees around. As soon as you get into this area, look to your left, and you’ll see two cave entrances. Go into the cave on the left, and you’ll find the Weapon Parts next to a large, spiky spine.

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where to find weapon parts outriders big iron
Weapon Parts location #1

Exit the cave, turn left, and head that way while hugging the left wall. Go between the rock “cliffs”, and you’ll find yourself in another clearing. There’s a shimmering-blue rock around the center, but our goal is the blue-lit cave just beyond it, on the right. Watch out, because a bunch of enemies will pour out of it. Once you clear them out, go into the cave to pick up the second Weapon Parts.

weapon parts locations outriders big iron
Weapon Parts location #2

To find the third Weapon Parts stash and complete Big Iron in Outriders, exit the cave and head right, through the open gates. Once inside the village, you’ll be ambushed by a lot of enemies, so be ready to tango. When you clear them out, the game will take you to a second gate at the far side of the village. In the next area, you’ll have to clear out enemies again, then climb up the stairs at the far side. The parts are among the crates and bags. When you have all three parts, go back to Channa to pick up your reward.

big iron where to find weapon parts locations
Weapon Parts location #3
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