Azumarill Pokemon Go

Getting Azumarill is one of the collection challenges in the Spring for Spring event. In order to complete this Pokemon Go challenge, all you need to get just one of the blue-and-white eggs with bunny ears. This is easier said than done, unfortunately. None of the usual, easy methods really work in this instance. That being the case, we’ll explain what you need to do in our Azumarill Pokemon Go guide.

azumarill pokemon go
Azumarill Pokemon Go

How to Get Azumarill for Spring into Spring Collection Challenge in Pokemon Go

To get Azumarill for the Pokemon Go Spring into Spring collection challenge, you need to catch it. You can obtain as many Azumarill from evolving Marill as you want, it won’t count towards the challenge. This is a bit of a problem, because Marill are popping up everywhere, but their evolved form doesn’t. Instead, you have to jump through a couple of hoops to get your hands on the rotund blue mouse.

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There are two ways to get an Azumarill for Spring into Spring. The first one is to beat three-star raids against the egg-like creature. Don’t forget to bring your strongest Grass or Electric type attackers to the party. You might need a little help from other trainers, but it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Those of you that don’t like to participate in raids, like me, can pursue the other option.

The second option to get Azumarill for the Pokemon Go Spring into Spring collection challenge is to complete the corresponding Field Research task. Specifically, the one where you need to catch fifteen Exeggcute. Redeem them to complete the research task, and your reward will be an encounter with Azumarill. Make sure to capture it, and that’s one step closer to completing all the collection challenges. Incidentally, if you wanna know how to get a Diggersby, check out our How to Get Diggersby guide.

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