Outriders Inbox Locked Bug Fix - Can't Collect Hell Rangers Bonus Pack

There’s a bug in Outriders that blocks the Inbox and prevents players from accessing their Hell’s Rangers bonus pack. This only seems to happen to people that have looked into their inboxes early on, but opted not to get the items immediately. Makes sense, considering that you can’t even use them initially. So, the fact that they then can’t get them later is such a drag. Fortunately, we can offer some solutions in our Outriders Inbox Locked Bug Fix – Can’t Collect Hell Rangers Bonus Pack guide.

outriders inbox locked bug fix cant collect hell rangers bonus pack
Outriders Inbox Locked Bug Fix – Can’t Collect Hell Rangers Bonus Pack

How to Fix Inbox Locked Bug in Outriders – How to Collect Hell’s Rangers Bonus Pack

To fix the locked inbox bug in Outriders, where it won’t let you collect your Hell’s Rangers bonus pack items, there are several things that you can try. The first one is to go back into the lobby, and then reenter the game. That seems to work for a fair number of people. Alternatively, you can exit the game entirely, and then go back in. That should help “unlock” your inbox. These are the easiest fixes that might not work, but are worth trying.

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Another thing you can try is a little more complicated, but nothing too difficult. You can jump into the game as another character, open your Inbox, then move all the stuff into your Stash. From there, you can move all of that stuff to your “primary” character, or just keep them on the “secondary.” The latter option might be the better option if you’ve outgrown the Hell’s Rangers gear already; might as well save it for a weaker character.

That’s how you fix the Inbox locked bug in Outriders that prevents you from collecting your Hell’s Rangers bonus pack. What seems to be behind the issue is a glitch where you can only view the Inbox once per character; at least, that’s the hypothesis some players are putting forward. I don’t know whether that’s true or not; all I know is that this game is full of problems that need immediate attention. I wish the developers all the luck in the world.

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    Soooo. got this on PS5. and yea…. my Inbox has a lock icon, on it. i never had a inbox or was able to see it, i have the DLC of Hell’s Rangers. says it’s installed, i have restarted the game, i only have 1 version of the game installed ever, i didn’t install the ps4 version of the game, just ps5, i made 1 character, and am level 5 atm, never had another character, or client, nor played the demo either. so , what should i do?

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