Among Us Phantom

Phantom is a new role in Among Us. It allows you to keep playing after you’ve died – only then will your true work start. A lot of players are interested in the new role, but a number of them aren’t quite sure how it works. If you’re wondering what it means to play the Phantom in Among Us, what you’re supposed to do and how to win the game as one, this guide will explain it all.

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among us phantom
Among Us Phantom

What does phantom do in Among Us?

When you get the phantom role, your first task is to die. Seriously. Before your real work begins, you need to drop dead. Try your bet is to always stay away from groups of players, so you can bait the imposter into killing you as soon as possible.

Once you’re dead, you’ll become a ghost. You’ll have to hide from the others – if they see you, they can kill you for real by clicking on you. So stay out of sight, and run around the map doing your tasks. Each thing you need to do will be marked on the map, and a helpful yellow arrow will point towards the things you need to interact with.

Once you’ve completed all the tasks assigned to you, you’ll need to call for an emergency meeting. Do this, and you’ll win the game. So it’s a matter of staying alive and unseen long enough to complete all the tasks, and doing it quickly enough – before all the other players have been killed or the imposter has been found out.

It’s an interesting new twist, and it’s probably going to add a whole new layer of confusion and chaos to the mix. We’ll see how it plays out in the long run, but for now, it’s a lot of fun.

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