Outriders Nature's Call Door Bug Fix, Door Not Opening Deadrock Pass

Nature’s Call is one of the quests in Outriders. In order to complete it, you have to go to the Forestry Track from Deadrock Pass. Some players are having issues with it, with the game blocking them from progressing further in certain cases. If the door’s not opening for you in Deadrock Pass, our Outriders Nature’s Call door bug fix guide will show you what to do.

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outriders nature's call door bug fix deadrock pass door won't open
Outriders Nature’s Call Door Bug Fix, Door Not Opening Deadrock Pass

Deadrock Pass door won’t open – Nature’s Call quest

The best thing to go about fixing this issue is to prevent it from happening in the first place. If you haven’t accepted the Nature’s Call quest already, do not do it before you’ve unlocked the Forestry Track fast travel point. In many instances, the bug occurs when you start the quest before visiting the place.

If you do happen to experience the bug with the door that won’t open, there are several things you could try. None of them are guaranteed to work – the only surefire solution is to wait for a patch – but it’s better than nothing:

  • Exit to the lobby then join the game again.
  • Leave the mission are and return.
  • If you’re playing it in co-op, stay away from the door and have the other person try to open it.
  • If you’re playing solo, try joining a random team from the lobby, while changing the story point.

Thankfully, it’s just a side quest and not something crucial, so you can always leave it for now, then come back to it later once it’s fixed. Hopefully the developers are aware of the issue, and are already working on a fix. We’re going to keep an eye on the situation, and we’ll update the guide as more info surfaces, so stay tuned.

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    I’m still having an issue with the main and side quest for this mission area. I can’t clear the rocks blocking the path in the mountain pass road area even thou I have already visited it, says no activity mission in the area

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