Speartuna Monster Hunter Rise

MH Rise Speartuna is a fish that you can catch in the game, and it is an ingredient in a number of different recipes. What complicates matters is that the Speartuna in MHR is a fairly rare type of fish, appearing only in one or two spots. I completely understand why people might be having trouble figuring out where to find it. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with our Speartuna Monster Hunter Rise guide.

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speartuna monster hunter rise
Speartuna Monster Hunter Rise

Where to Find Speartuna in Monster Hunter Rise

To find the MH Rise Speartuna, you need to fish for it. It appears only in select locations, so you really need to know where to look for it. We found it in the lake in the southwest of Frost Islands, near the number 3 on the map. Specifically, it’s the fishing spot in the southwest of the lake. Check out the screenshot below to see where you need to go. Once you’re in the right place, look for the Speartuna in the water. It looks like a swordfish with a huge dorsal fin, so it’s hard to miss. Throw the line as close to its mouth as you can, then pull it out when the fish bites.

There are players that say that you can also find Monster Hunter Rise Speartuna on the Lava Caverns map, also around area 3. However, the spot that we found in Frost Islands should be more than enough for your needs. In just one run, we managed to fish out four Speartunas. It’s a very high-yielding fishing spot, so catch as many as the game lets you. If you fail at catching it at first, don’t worry; just keep practicing, and you’ll get it. Good luck!

So, that’s where you can find Speartuna in Monster Hunter Rise, and how to get it. If you need more info on the game, we’ve got a ton of other MH Rise guides for you to peruse. To name just a few, we’ve written articles like Altaroth Jaws & Stomachs, Change Armor Color, and Where to Find Sinister Cloth.

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