Outriders No HUD Bug Fix - Make your missing HUD reappear

Outriders got launched today and some people have been having problem with no HUD bug. This means that all the info on their screen disappears while they play the game. No way to tell which weapon is selected, what quest you’re on or how much health the enemies have. Luckily, several people did some digging and managed to find some solutions. Turns out Outriders no HUD bug fix is easy to do and we hope it helps all those afflicted.

outriders no hud bug fix

Outriders Invisible HUD fix

You’re playing Outriders and all of a sudden all info on your screen disappears? Don’t panic. First solution some people are suggesting is to go to the game’s options. There’s a HUD section over there. You want to turn off all of the options. Even the last two should be set to hide. Now go back into the game and then go back into options. Turn everything back On. You should still have a problem with the Outriders missing HUD. What you should do next is open the Game menu and choose to return to lobby. Once back in the lobby click on Continue the game and your Outriders invisible HUD problem should be fixed. It seems this is one of those typical IT support things where you have to turn it off then on again for it to work.

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Outriders Invisible HUD fix

Some people are reporting that you don’t even have to go through the process of going into the HUD options. If your HUD is missing once you load Outriders you can just go back into the lobby. Click on Continue game to basically reload the game. This can sometimes make your HUD reappear in Outriders. Other option is to fast travel to a main hub and see if that fixes it. Lastly, try exiting the game and then re-launching it. It seems that something in the game gets messed up and needs to be refreshed by a reload of game files.

I know that playing without a HUD some hardcore players like to call immersive. Most of us would like not to go through that torture though. We hope this small problem gets fixed real soon and in the meantime I hope above tips will help you resolve the Outriders no HUD bug.

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