Outriders Crafting & Upgrade Armor, Weapons

Armor and weapon upgrades and crafting in Outriders is one of the key mechanics in the game that you’ll have to unlock. Once you have it, you’ll be able to take your gear and improve upon it in a number of ways. In a looter-shooter game, this is pretty important, as you might imagine. However, people are wondering how to unlock upgrading and crafting, and where to find it, because it’s not available right off the jump. Well, don’t you worry; we have you covered with our Outriders Unlock Armor, Weapon Upgrade & Crafting guide.

outriders unlock armor weapon upgrade & crafting
Outriders Unlock Armor, Weapon Upgrade & Crafting

Where to Upgrade Gear – Armor & Weapons in Outriders

You upgrade your gear, aka armor and weapons, in Outriders at Zahedi. He’s an NPC whose post you can visit in order to craft and upgrade your stuff. You first have to unlock access to him first, as we’ll explain below. His first appearance is relatively early, during the “Salvation” mission, which happens the first time you get to visit the First City. Once you find Zahedi, simply talk to him and tell him that you want to upgrade your gear. From there on, things are pretty simple: you select the weapon or armor you want to operate on, then do whatever you want to it. Improve the rarity, increase attributes; the possibilities are endless, as long as you have the resources.

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How to Unlock Crafting in Outriders

To unlock crafting in Outriders, you have to proceed through the game until you talk to Jakub, who will send you on a mission to the First City. Once there, you’ll get a mission called “Dedication,” in which you’ll have to search for Zahedi. After that, you’ll have to complete the mission called “Salvation,” during which you’ll have to basically rescue Zahedi and get his briefcase. These are all simple, linear missions, so there’s no major stumbling blocks. At the end of that, the game will tell you to go back and talk to Jakub about leaving for Eagle Peaks. At that point, you can talk with Zahedi at his post, and that’s where you can start crafting.

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