Overwatch 2 Achievement Disconnect Bug on Xbox Explained

The Overwatch 2 achievement disconnect bug on Xbox has been causing a lot of problems for people. Getting disconnected due to a mistake on the part of the developers is truly a painful experience. Add to that the potential ban you might get due to being a “quitter,” and it becomes downright enraging. So, is there some kind of fix for the achievement disconnect bug? Well…

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overwatch 2 achievement disconnect bug on xbox explained
Overwatch 2 Achievement Disconnect Bug on Xbox Explained

Overwatch 2 Xbox Achievement Disconnect Bug

The Overwatch 2 Xbox achievement disconnect bug is just one more of a plethora of problems the game is currently mired in. It affects exclusively Xbox players, it seems. What happens is, when an achievement pops up, you get disconnected from the match. This causes two problems. First off, you can’t jump back into the game, you’ll have to go back into the queue. Much worse than that is the ban you’re risking every time it happens. Activision Blizzard have a penalty system that punishes quitters with bans. On the surface, that’s not that bad of an idea. However, if the game is quitting on itself, then those bans are just adding insult to injury. So, is there anything you can do about it?

Unfortunately, the only fix for the Xbox achievement disconnect bug in Overwatch 2 is to completely turn off achievement notifications. Even this is not a guaranteed solution, because some players still end up getting booted. So, your only real recourse is to go to the Activision Blizzard support and appeal any bans that you might have unjustly gotten slapped with. If you know of any other potential fix, let us know in the comments below. With all that said, let’s end on a thin ray of hope. The developers are aware of the issue and are working on a fix. That and a million dollars will make you a millionaire. In the meantime, turn off those achievement notifications and hope for the best. Those bans will help make you play something actually worth your while.

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    Blizzard will not accept any appeals to bans no matter what the circumstances. Already tried for getting banned after being kicked from this bug.

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