Overwatch 2 Stuck on Initializing Update Fix

In our Overwatch 2 Stuck on Initializing Update Fix guide, we are going to give you a list of things that might help you break through the stubborn bug. If you know of any other workarounds that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to let us know in the comments. However, I’m fairly certain one of the fixes we mention will work. Let’s dive in!

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overwatch 2 stuck on initializing update fix
Overwatch 2 Stuck on Initializing Update Fix

How to Fix Overwatch 2 Update Stuck on Initializing

There are several potential to fix your Overwatch 2 update if it gets stuck on “initializing.” First off, you should restart the game, then the launcher, and then your PC or console. I mean, fully shut them down. If you are playing on the console, unplug it from the socket for a couple of minutes. Each time you do one of these steps, try the update again. If none of that works, make sure that your internet is working properly and reboot your router if necessary. Also, use an Ethernet cable if possible instead of WiFi. And while you’re at it, ensure that you have updated both Windows and the launcher to the newest version. That can help in some cases, though it’s not a guarantee.

Another thing you can do to fix the Overwatch 2 update getting stuck on “initializing” is to open the launcher and open the settings after clicking the Battle.net logo. Click “Downloads” and then disable the “limit download bandwidth” option. If that doesn’t work, select Overwatch 2 in the client and click the Gear icon. Select Scan and Repair, then begin the scan. After it’s done, try the update again. One more thing that you can do in the launcher is to change your region. Select the game in Battle.net and click the globe icon in the bottom left and switch your region to a different one. Restart the update and see whether it works. Either way, don’t forget to switch it back later.

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