Oxygen Icarus How to Get Oxygen

Knowing how to get oxygen in Icarus is one of the most important survival mechanics in the game. The alien planet you’re on does not have enough oxygen to sustain human life, so you’ll constantly have to top it off. How then it manages to sustain large mammals, I don’t know, but never mind. Anyways, in our Oxygen Icarus How to Get Oxygen, we’ll explain how to obtain more and just give you the basics so that you can figure your own way out from there.

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oxygen icarus how to get oxygen
Oxygen Icarus How to Get Oxygen

How to Get Oxygen in Icarus

To get oxygen in Icarus, the first step is to gather the blue Oxite chunks that you’ll be finding scattered across the ground. The most basic way of keeping your oxygen levels up is to take these chunks and consume them from your inventory. That returns just a fairly small amount of oxygen, but you have to start from somewhere. You’ll unlock more efficient ways to handle and gather Oxite over time, but at the very beginning, you’ll have to basically eat the blue air-stones.

The next step comes when you unlock the pickaxe, which you can use to mine the large blue Oxite boulders and gather larger amounts of the mineral at once. However, as long as you’re just consuming rocks, you’ll be wasting a lot of precious oxygen. What you want to do is unlock the Oxidizer in the Tier 1 Tech tree and craft it in a handy place. When it comes to how to get oxygen in Icarus, the Oxidizer is your first big leap. You can fill it with Oxite, which it will turn into oxygen and store it. You can come back and have a puff whenever you’re in the vicinity, and that will refill your Oxygen way more than just eating rocks.

Over time, you’ll unlock even more tools that you can use to keep your oxygen up, such as the Oxygen Bladder and others. However, all of them basically work on the same principles: use Oxite, and preferably refine it using different machines to get more oxygen out of the mineral deposits. Good luck!

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