Palworld Palbox Overlaps with other Objects Issue Fix

Many players in Palworld have recently encountered a problem with Palbox. When attempting to build Plabox, a message appears stating “Overlaps with other Objects.” This issue surfaced especially when trying to replace the Palblox. Fortunately, a solution has been discovered to address the Palbox Overlaps with other Objects problem.

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Palworld Palbox Overlap with other Objects Issue Fix
Palworld Palbox Overlaps with other Objects Issue Fix

How to fix Palworld Palbox Overlaps with other Objects Issue

The Palbox is a unique device, that can be crafted through the build menu simply by pressing the “B” button. It requires 1x Paldium Fragment, 8x Wood, and 3x Stone for construction. You can think of Palbox as your base, since it functions as a hub for managing the Pals you’ve captured, enabling them to aid in building, crafting, and gathering nearby resources.

#1 When attempting to position the Palbox for the first time, we encountered the “Overlaps with other objects” problem. Initially, we attributed it to our proximity to some cliffs, presuming location was the issue. However, after struggling to place it anywhere for an hour, we concluded that the Palbox was bugged. Frustrated, I decided to log off, and surprisingly, that proved to be the solution. Upon logging in again, I was able to successfully build the Palbox.

#2 Encountering the same issue, my friend looked for a solution on Reddit after deconstructing the first Palbox. He discovered a second workaround — simply rotate the Palbox until the area box no longer includes your character. Once done, you can effortlessly place it wherever you desire.

We trust that these solutions will prove helpful if you encounter a similar issue. For those experiencing the Palworld No Password Has Been Entered Error, our comprehensive guide has you covered.

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