Peroxide Shikai Tier List

Bleach still remains one of the most popular manga and TV shows of its type. Featuring a wide cast of colorful characters, each of them wielding a particular power, it’s about a conflict between various groups of powerful beings. One of these are the Soul Reapers. They posses several potent abilities, but the most unique thing about them are their swords. These weapons can take on a different form, called Shikai. Such is the case in the hit Roblox title Peroxide. There are several Shikai types here, and they are not equal in power. So which Shikai are the best to have? We are going to rank all of them in our Peroxide Shikai Tier List.

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Peroxide Shikai Tier List
Peroxide Shikai Tier List

Peroxide Tier List of Best Shikai

Currently, there are seven Shikai types in the game. These are Clone, Wind, Glacier, Fire, Lightning, Explosion, and Gravity. To be able to get the best possible build on your character in Peroxide, you will need to get the best Shikai. Which isn’t very easy to do, as at first glance, they can all appear to be equally powerful. However, this isn’t the case. So let’s see what the Shikai Tier List itself looks like:

  • S Tier: Lightning and Glacier.
  • A Tier: Fire, Clone, and Gravity.
  • B Tier: Explosion and Wind.

The Glacier Shikai has the freeze ability, and it also knocks back foes. As for the Lightning Shikai, it also has some of the highest damage potential in the game. These two are leagues above all of the rest. The Fire Shikai is a very good and noob-friendly Shikai, with excellent damage output. Think about using it until you can upgrade to Glacier or Lightning. Gravity is only effective at long range, so it could be agood pick if you prefer playing like that. Clone is too situational, and while a smart player can make good use of it, it isn’t up there at the top. Explosion is too slow-damaging to really compare to all the previous Shikai. And finally – Wind. The weakest Shikai in the game, you should try and replace it as soon as you can.

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