Starfield Jail System Explained

Can you be arrested in Starfield? The highly-anticipated space-exploring RPG is finally here, five years after the announcement! It features countless worlds you will be able to explore and many new, never-before-seen features. However, players will be happy to hear that many signature gameplay elements are back as well, such as the Starfield jail system and the possibility of getting arrested. Read on as we provide all the information we know about it.

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Starfield Jail System Explained
Can you Get Arrested in Starfield?

How Does Jail and Arresting Work in Starfield?

Before we proceed, here is a short disclaimer. This article is not a complete explanation of the Starfield Jail system. Rather, it is based on the currently available information gathered from various sources, such as official blog posts and video trailers, interviews, the official Discord server, and more. However, while not complete in its current state, we will make sure to update the article once the game releases and more details become available. Thanks for your understanding meaning.

If you are a Bethesda veteran, you have probably played their legendary Elder Scrolls games, such are Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim. These games give players a lot of freedom in how they approach the game and what they want to do at almost any certain point. However, actions have consequences. And in the case of theft, robbery, murder, attacking the innocent, or smuggling, the law will come for you! And thing’s are no different in Starfield. As explained in a recent Questions and Answers session, the jail system is back in Starfield.

“The Settled Systems is more like Skyrim than Fallout 4’s Commonwealth in that regard,” said Emil Pagliarulo, Studio Design Director. “There’s civilization, there’s government, and there are laws. And in a couple of cases, we actually explore the themes of crime and punishment in our futuristic universe.” When you get arrested for whatever reason in Starfield, you will usually be able to choose between three options:

  • Head to Jail.
  • Pay the fine on the spot.
  • Resist arrest and fight for your freedom.
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