PES 2021 Club Edition Discount Content Cannot Be Selected Error Fix

The Content Cannot Be Selected error when trying to get the PES 2021 Club Edition discount has been causing problems for people, especially on PlayStation 4. It appears whenever they try to apply the 20% discount on PES 2021 that everyone that owns PES 2020 has the right to. There are some potential fixes for the problem, luckily. That’s what we’ll be discussing in our PES 2021 Club Edition Discount Content Cannot Be Selected Error Fix guide.

pes 2021 club edition discount content cannot be selected error fix
PES 2021 Club Edition Discount Content Cannot Be Selected Error Fix

How to Fix Content Cannon Be Selected Error for PES 2021 Club Edition Discount

To fix the “This content cannot be selected at this time” error message when attempting to get the PES 2021 Club Edition discount, the first thing you need to check is which edition you’re trying to buy. As far as we can tell, the 20% discount applies only for the aforementioned Club Editions. You can’t use it to but a standard edition. So, that might be the reason for your problems. Also, people are saying that the discount has ended; however, it should be valid until the end of October, the 29th to be exact.

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The second step you might want to take is make sure that your game and the store you’re using are in the same country. Then, if you’re on PS4, which is where the error seems to pop up most often, try to go into your account settings and restore your licenses. Last, but not least, try to sign out of the game (PES 2020, I mean), and sign back in. Unfortunately, none of these guarantee success. If none of this works, your only course of action is to contact Konami’s customer support and hope for the best.

Incidentally, if you want to use the 20% discount for a PES 2021 Club Edition that PES 2020 players get, head to the screen that lists game modes. Scroll down until you find the Club Editions of the new PES. Select the one you want, and the game will redirect you to the store page and apply your discount. You’ll receive the game as an update that you’ll have to download.

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