Pet Sim 99 Update 5 Release Date

Made by the same team behind Pet Simulator X, Pet Simulator 99 follows in the same gameplay tradition. That is, there are many, MANY pets to get, all of which come with their own unique looks and stats. Naturally, every update to the game brings a huge amount of new content into PS99. This includes new items, game mechanics, and, of course – a bunch of brand-new pets as well. The latest such update is Update 5, and it is likewise set to add a lot of new things into Pet Simulator 99. So if you were wondering when the Pet Sim 99 Update 5 Release Date is going to arrive, here’s everything that we know about this Update and its imminent release.

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Pet Sim 99 Update 5 Release Date
Pet Sim 99 Update 5 Release Date

When is Pet Sim 99 Update 5 Coming Out?

So while we don’t have an official release date – as it still hasn’t been confirmed by the devs – that doesn’t mean that we can’t make an educated guess. Namely, ever since Update 4, the devs have said that they are moving away from weekly updates. Instead, updates are going to arrive every 2-3 weeks, and drop on a Saturday. With that said, when can we most likely expect Update 5 to drop? Well, going by all of this information, we think that the odds are really good that we’re going to get it this January 20th, 2024. This is because this marks exactly three weeks since Update 4, and it is also on a Saturday.

Of course, we’re going to update this article with new info as soon as the release date has been officially confirmed by the devs. There’s good cause for anticipation for this particular update, as the devs say that this is the biggest update to the game yet. This includes over 25 new areas, dozens of new pets, new mechanics, new minigames, and more.

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