Should You Evolve Eevee Right Away or Wait

Should you evolve Eevee right away or wait? That is the question. Eevee is arguably the most versatile Pokemon when it comes to evolutions and is designed around it, meaning that it can’t to much in its “base” form. However, there are advantages to waiting. So, what should you do? We’re here to give you some advice. Let’s begin!

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should you evolve eevee right away or wait
Should You Evolve Eevee Right Away or Wait

When Should You Evolve Eevee?

The answer to the question of when you should evolve Eevee, aka whether you should wait or do it right away, is: it depends. It depends on which Pokemon game you’re playing, personal preferences, your overall party makeup, etc. So, let’s go over some reasons to wait and some reasons to go straight into it.

The first incentive to wait is to get more familiar with the game you’re playing. Usually, you tend to encounter a handful of Pokemon of certain types. So, you might end up needing a good Water-type, which is where Vaporeon can come in clutch. But you won’t know what you’ll need until you spend some time with it. Another reason is that Eevee can learn some cool, exclusive moves in certain Pokemon games. Do your research and see whether their worth the wait. Last, but not least, the happiness evolutions, aka Umbreon and Espeon (and Sylveon, for that matter). All of these require you to reach a certain level of friendship with your Eevee, and they’re worth the effort.

So, those are the reasons to wait, but what are the incentives to evolve Eevee right away? Well, the main one is that Eevee is just not that great a Pokemon. Every evolution is superior due to advantages of having a certain type alone. Eevee is resistant to / strong against a pittance of attack types; the evolutions are much better in those terms. Then, of course, there are all the different advantages of having an evolved Pokemon, aka stronger moves, higher stats, etc.

So, yeah, those are some of the reasons to wait and some to evolve Eevee as soon as you can. Basically, do your research, assess your situation, and then make the call. Good luck!

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