Pet Simulator X Comet Egg Guide

The latest update to Pet Sim X has been a very interesting one. This Comet Update has, quite fittingly, added the so-called Comet Egg into the game. But what do you need to do to get this Comet Egg? Well, we’re going to show you where and how to get the Comet Egg in Pet Simulator X in this in-depth guide. So read on to learn the method of acquiring this new egg, as well as all the new pets that you can get from it.

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Pet Simulator X Comet Egg Guide
Pet Simulator X Comet Egg Guide

Where is Comet Egg in Pet Sim X

This new update is all about comets, so it’s only natural that the only way to get the Comet Egg in Pet Sim X is through these falling celestial objects. The game will notify you when these drop, so head to find them as soon as you can. There are two types of comets that can appear and land in the game. The first of these are the Mini Comets. These don’t contain the Comet Egg, but you can still instruct your pets to damage the Mini Comets to earn yourself some valuable rewards.

The second type of comet is the Massive Comet. This is the comet that you are going to be able to get the Comet Egg from. These are, of course, a lot bigger than the Mini Comets, so you will be able to easily tell them apart. Though, as it is much larger, it also has a lot more health. So much health, in fact, that you will probably need the help of several friends and their pets to be able to break it open and get to the Comet Egg inside. But doing this is worth it, since the Comet Egg can give you one of these two new pets – the Comet Agony and the Comet Cyclops, as well as their Huge variants.

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