Phoenix Point Mind Control - How to Fight Sirens, Mindfraggers

Mind control in Phoenix Point is an ability that enemies like Sirens and Mindfraggers can inflict on your squad, meaning that you have to learn how to fight them off, and fast. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a completely useless squad. Now, fighting mind control in Phoenix Point is difficult, regardless of whether we’re talking Mindfraggers or Sirens. However, it can be done. And that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in our Phoenix Point Mind Control – How to Fight Sirens, Mindfraggers guide, including how you can prevent Sirens from soft-locking the game.

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Phoenix Point Mind Control How to Fight Sirens Mindfraggers
Phoenix Point Mind Control – How to Fight Sirens, Mindfraggers

How to Fight Mind Control in Phoenix Point – Sirens & Mindfraggers

To fight mind control in Phoenix Point, you basically have to destroy the enemies that can mind-control you, aka Mindfraggers and Sirens, as soon as possible. For the Sirens, the best strategy is probably to rush them. The aim is to either destroy the head, or break their will, whichever comes first. True, this might force you to endanger your troops by leaving them outside of cover, but it’s a much better option than letting them control you. As for Mindfraggers, if they do face-hug a soldier, you have to either remove them using a Technician, or shooting them off, as we explain in our How to Remove Mindfraggers guide.

Going back to the subject of Sirens, you want to drop them real fast. Ideally, you should use rockets, snipers, grenades, rockets, and the like. Whatever does a lot of damage and / or can execute precise headshots, basically. That’s our advice; you might have another way of dealing with them. If so, tell us in the comments. The fact of the matter is that Sirens are really, really powerful; overpowered, you might argue. The developers will likely nerf them in the future; at the time of writing, though, they are a huge menace.

Sirens Soft-Lock Phoenix Point Squad Glitch – How to Solve?

To solve the “glitch” where Sirens mind-controlling your entire squad basically locks your game, you’ll have to reload your save before they get your last squad member. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to Alt+F4 the game and lose progress, because you can’t access the menu at all, since it’ll be the enemy’s turn in perpetuity. You’ll never get to play, because your whole team is under control, and the Sirens will never run out of Willpower. It’s a bit of a mess.

Fortunately, the developers are aware of the issue, and will patch it out soon. The original intention was that, if your or the enemy team ends up completely mind-controlled, it should result in a loss. However, at the time of writing, that isn’t the case. So, again, reload before the Sirens manage to gain control over your whole team if you don’t want to have to exit the game forcefully.

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