Photograph Guanajuato at Night Forza Horizon 5 Photo Challenge

A new week, and with it – a new season of Forza Horizon 5. Every new season comes with new challenges that players can undertake. This makes FH5 feel like a fresh and exciting gaming experience that you can keep coming back to over and over again. And while many of these challenges are easy, every season there are one or two of them that are a lot more difficult to complete. Sometimes this is because they are cryptic and not explained well enough, and sometimes because they are hard to pull off due to other reasons. The #BigCityLights Photo Challenge is firmly in the latter category. It requires that you take a picture of Guanajuato during nighttime. Of course, this requires that you know how to change the time of day to night in Forza Horizon 5. This Photograph Guanajuato at Night Forza Horizon 5 Photo Challenge guide will show you how to do exactly that.

Photograph Guanajuato at Night Forza Horizon 5 Photo Challenge

Photograph Guanajuato at Night FH5 Photo Challenge

In order to complete this Big City Lights Photo Challenge, you need to photograph Guanajuato at Night. Despite what the photo for the challenge may suggest, you do not need a specific car model for this – any car will do. So, make your way to this city. We’ve marked where it is located on the screenshot below. And, if you have completed the Giant Holiday Tree in Guanajuato challenge, then you already know where to go. Once you get there, you then have to take a picture during nighttime. And for that, you have to change the time of day to night. We’ll cover this in the next section.

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Guanajuato Forza Horizon 5 location
Guanajuato Forza Horizon 5 location.

How to Change Time of Day in Forza Horizon 5

To change the time of day to night in FH5, you need to go to the Create Blueprint tab in the Menu. From there, go to Event Settings. In here, there is a Time of Day option. You need to change this to Night. Make sure that you don’t select Evening instead of Night, because it won’t work, it needs to be set to Night. After that, all that’s left to complete this Photo Challenge is to take a picture of your car in Photo Mode while you are driving around Guanajuato.

Set time of day to night.
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