Pixel Piece Tier List of Best Fruits

With One Piece being one of the most popular manga and anime of all time, it’s no wonder that there are so many One Piece-inspired Roblox games out there. Pixel Piece is one such Roblox title. In it, you need to choose the best Devil Fruits for your characters. As you no doubt know, Devil Fruits in OP imbue the characters that consume them with various fantastical powers. These include being able to generate ice and fire, stretch your body, and many more offbeat abilities. Naturally, your choice of which Fruit (and associated power) to get is one of the most important choices you can make in Pixel Piece. To help you select the most powerful ones, we are going to rank the best fruits in Pixel Piece in this tier list.

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Pixel Piece Tier List of Best Fruits
Pixel Piece Tier List of Best Fruits

Pixel Piece Fruit Tier List

Now, before we get into the rankings, we have to clarify several things first. To begin with, you need to be aware of the fact that this is our subjective list. This means that it is based off of our experiences with the game. As such, you may have a completely different gameplay experience than us with these fruits. And that’s perfectly fine. After all, we play games to have fun. Speaking of which, you can play and advance in the game no matter which fruit you get. Finally, these rankings take only the power levels into account and nothing else. So, we won’t go into the respective powers they grant, nor how to acquire them. And with that said, let’s get into the tier list itself, beginning with S Tier (the most OP), all the way down to C Tier (the least powerful):

  • S Tier: Mera-Mera and Hie-Hie.
  • A Tier: Bomb-Bomb, Spin-Spin, and Kilo-Kilo.
  • B Tier: Cry-Cry and Smooth-Smooth.
  • C Tier: Suke-Suke.
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