How to Play More Than 20 Hours FIFA 22 - Unlimited Hours Glitch

If you want to know how to play FIFA 22 more than 20 hours using the unlimited hours glitch, first of all, for shame. It’s not nice to try and cheat a big corporation that way, and I would never say to do it. This article is purely for research, you see. With that disclaimer out of the way, in our How to Play More Than 20 Hours FIFA 22 – Unlimited Hours Glitch guide, we’ll show you how to do just that.

how to play more than 20 hours fifa 22 unlimited hours glitch
How to Play More Than 20 Hours FIFA 22 – Unlimited Hours Glitch

FIFA 22 Unlimited Hours Glitch – How to Play More Than 20 Hours

To play FIFA 22 for more than 20 hours, you need to use the unlimited hours glitch while the EA access “deal” is still going, as figured out by YouTuber Revoh. So, the first thing you’ll need is your main account that’s completely out of hours and a dummy account that has all ten hours. Sign into your main account and try to access FIFA 22. You’ll get a message telling you that you’re out of hours. At that screen, switch over to the dummy account. Now you’ll be on the welcome screen telling you to press A or X to enter the game. Do that, and then quickly switch to your main account.

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If you’ve done it correctly, you’ll get signed into your main account with the hours from the dummy account. Rinse and repeat until the game launches, and don’t forget to refund the dummy accounts. This also works on PS4 and Xbox One, except you can’t turn the game off or you’ll lose the extra hours.

As for the regular method that gets you “only” 20 hours of FIFA 22, unlike the unlimited hours glitch, it’s a fairly legit way to get some extra time with the game. It does only work on next-gen consoles, unfortunately. All you need to do is download both the next-gen and current-gen versions of FIFA 22, and you’ll then get to play for twenty hours. This one is probably not gonna get patched out, since you’re technially allowed to get both versions once the game launches on September 22nd. As for which of these methods you’re going to use, I leave that up to you. I’m certainly not going to encourage you to cheat EA, gross mega-corporation that the are. That would be oh so super-naughty and totally not a nice thing to do.

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