How to Buy FIFA 22 Points on Web App

If you want to know how to buy FIFA 22 points on the web app, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll share everything we know about how to get FIFA 22 points via the web app. It’s a fairly easy process, which makes sense, because EA wants to make spending your money as simple as possible. If you do opt to purchase these points, please, do so responsibly. And if you’re a kid, always ask your parents first.

how to buy fifa 22 points on web app
How to Buy FIFA 22 Points on Web App

How to Get FIFA 22 Points on Web App

To buy FIFA 22 points via the web app, you just need to tap the little icon in the top right corner. You can see what I mean in the images provide on the official website. If you take a look in the top right corner, you’ll see two numbers, one of which is standing on 150. That’s the number of FIFA points, and next to it is a little plus icon. Tapping that little plus should allow you to purchase FIFA points pretty much on the fly, because of course EA would extend their disgusting practices as far as they possibly can.

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Now, there might be some limitations here. By that, I think only PC players will be able to use the web app to purchase FIFA points. Based on the screenshots EA provided, you definitely won’t have to run the web app on PC to buy the microtransactions, but will be able to do so from your mobile device. So, that’s how to buy FIFA 22 web points on the web app. On consoles, you might need a different companion app, but we can’t say for certain just yet.

Now comes the point in the article where I implore you not to buy any microtransactions in the game. Please, just don’t. I’m sure all of you have read how predatory EA has been with FIFA 22, to the point where actual governments had to get involved. I mean, I’m not your mother, I can’t control what you spend your money on, but I implore you to spend it on anything else.

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