Play With Friends in New World

People have been playing New World again, and ever since the servers went back up, a single question has been rearing its ugly head, leering at distressed gamers: how to play New World with friends? It’s quite simple, on paper, but the game has a nasty habit of spawning people in different settlements, which adds some extra steps before they can join hands and start skipping off into the sunset. This guide will show you how to play with friends in New World, even if you’re in different starting areas.

new world play with friends
Play With Friends in New World

How to play with friends?

If you spawn away from the rest of the group, there are several things you could try. The easiest way would be to talk to the guy after the shipwreck only once – make sure you do not take the second quest from him, as that one chains you to the area. Instead, start hiking towards your friends – it might be a trek of up to 20 minutes – and accept the quest only when you’re all together.

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If you’re not in a hurry to join up, you could just keep playing separately for the first few hours – after you’re past the opening, when you reach the part when you start joining factions, it’s much easier to meet and group with people.

If you like games of chance, you can either keep killing yourself in the hope of respawning near your friends, or you can delete the character and start over, again hoping you’ll end up in a convenient place. It’s a gamble, but it’s the least amount of effort you can put into this. You should also know that you cant change the server, you have to start a new character if your friend is on another server.

If you figure out another, easier way to play New World with frieds, feel free to leave a comment and let us know. We’ll update the guide with any new info we discover.

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  1. J

    I still don’t understand, sure we can meet up in each others settlements but our quest line even for the factions takes us to different locations.

  2. J

    Nevermind I’m a goose, the first quest for your faction is in initiation.

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