Plunder Skulls ESO - Witches Festival

ESO has gone all out with this year’s Witches Festival and Plunder Skulls are one of many rewards on offer. They contain special items exclusive to the event. However, like all tasks in the game, they do involve a fight. Certain boss types will yield certain rewards, so you also need to put the work into finding them. Read on as we discuss Plunder Skulls at ESO Witches Festival.

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Plunder Skulls ESO - Witches Festival
Plunder Skulls ESO – Witches Festival

When you first slay a different type of boss, you will get the chance to gain a Plunder Skull. These contain themed items, ranging from Dremora style gifts to Halloween-style recipes. Some even have a chance to earn extra special items.

  • Dremora Motif Chapter Pages which will change depending on the boss defeated
  • Witches Festival Writs
  • A Witch Hat Collectible
  • Glenmoril Treasure Maps of Glenmoril, with access to weapon style pages
  • Glenmoril Armor Outfit Style pages
  • Grave Dancer Weapon pages
  • Marshmallow Toasty Treat Emote Runebox
  • Bonfire Memento Runebox

Where to Farm Plunder Skulls in ESO

The best place to farm your skulls is where the bosses will spawn. These are public dungeons and delves. Note that Crimson Cove in Malabal Tor and Deshaan can often become overcrowded. Once there, attack the boss when it spawns.

You only need to get in one hit, so you can even light attack it. Other players should finish it off, so you can claim the skulls by doing very little. If you are a Sorcerer or Warden, you can even get pets to do it for you.

Halloween is a big event this year in the Elder Scrolls Online. As well as Plunder Skulls, event tickets are on offer for defeating bosses for the first time. Be sure to pick them up as well. These can also get traded for rewards from the Impresario.

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