How To Get Event Tickets - ESO Witches Festival

How to get event tickets for the ESO Witches Festival involves some good old-fashioned boss hunting. These tickets are part of the Elder Scrolls Online Halloween event. They can net you special items stocked by the Impresario. Some of them can even count towards much larger, limited-edition collectibles. Read on as we discuss event tickets in the ESO Witches Festival.

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How To Get Event Tickets - ESO Witches Festival
How To Get Event Tickets – ESO Witches Festival

To take part in the event, navigate to the holiday section of the Crown Store. Here, you can pick up the free quest. Complete the quest titled “Witchmother’s Bargain” and get the Witchmother’s Whistle tool.

If you have done this in previous events, you don’t need to do it again. You can use the item you already have. Use it to summon the Witches Cauldron. You can then use it to transform your character into one of the Undead.

Each day when you log in to the game, you can get two tickets for the event. Unfortunately, this is the daily limit. People who have played the festival in the past may remember that more were available. It is no longer so.

When you log in, attack, and defeat a boss monster. Upon destruction, two tickets will drop. These are your quota for the day. Log in the next day and defeat a boss monster and get another two.

This event is running alongside another event, which may explain why fewer tickets are available. That is the ‘Plucking the Crow’ event. It involves collecting cursed feathers which can transform you into a boss monster for a limited period of time.

How to Get the Doomchar Plateau Eso Witches Festival

These tickets can help buy special items stocked by the Impresario. They can bag you everything from gothic home furnishings to group repair kits. More importantly, are that this is the first chance to begin collecting fragments for the Doorchar Plateau.

This is the Q4 event morphing collectible. Two tickets a day is also not a lot if you are trying to get the Doomchar Plateau which will require a whole fifty tickets. For this, more events will be coming that allow you the chance to save tickets.

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