Pokemon Paldean Winds Episode 3 Release Date

In our Pokemon Paldean Winds Episode 3 Release Date guide, we are going to cover several points. First off, we will talk about when the next episode of the show is most likely going to drop. Next, we’ll talk about the previous episodes of Paldean Winds. Lastly, we’ll show you where to watch the show, in case you’re interested but haven’t looked it up. Here we go!

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pokemon paldean winds episode 3 release date
Pokemon Paldean Winds Episode 3 Release Date

When Is Pokemon Paldean Winds Episode 3 Coming Out?

While we don’t know for certain when Episode 3 of Pokemon Paldean Winds is coming out, it will most likely be some time in November. The first episode, Breathe Out, premiered on September 6th, 2023. Episode 2, Breathe In, came out on October 18th. So, if the schedule holds, I’d assume the third episode is going to come out in mid or late November. Then again, maybe the episodes just come out whenever they’re ready, which honestly, I’m completely fine with. I’d rather have the schedule be wonky than the artists having to work under pressure. Either way, we’ll keep you posted when Episode 3 kicks off.

All Pokemon Paldean Winds Episodes

There are currently two episodes of Pokemon Paldean Winds out, out of a planned four episode run. The first episode introduces us to our three main characters, Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma. They are students at the Paldea Academy, a prestigious school for aspiring Pokemon trainers. Naturally, it’s based on the world created in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Here’s the first episode.

The second episode, among other things, deals with Aliquis and Meowscarada, who have so far been victorious time after time, being unable to defeat the trainer Nemona. Will Aquilis stop using Meowscarada or not? Well, you have to watch the episode to find out.

How to Watch Pokemon Paldean Winds

The easiest way to watch Pokemon Paldean Winds is via the official YouTube channel. And you can check out the other content that’s up there while you’re waiting for the next episode to pop up. Or you can just come back here, of course. Reminder that the planned run of the show is four episodes, so enjoy it while it lasts. The adventures of Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma might be extended, who knows? Maybe they’ll get a second season if the show becomes popular enough. However, don’t get too attached. And besides, you can always rewatch the episodes if you end up liking it a lot.

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