Pokemon Unite Halloween Event 2022 Release Time & Date

The Pokemon Unite Halloween event 2022 release time and date are almost upon us, so of course people want to know when they can start experiencing the seasonal content. After all, there are various Halloween-themed cosmetic items for both yourself and your Pokemon, as well as a brand new Pokemon to hunt down. With all that said, we’re gonna tell you the start date and time of the Halloween event in this guide.

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pokemon unite halloween event 2022 release time & date
Pokemon Unite Halloween Event 2022 Release Time & Date

Pokemon Unite 2022 Halloween Event Start Time & Date

The release time and date, or start time and date, of the Pokemon Unite Halloween 2022 event is October 27th, 2022, at 12 AM PT / 3 AM ET / 7 AM UTC / 8 AM BST. You can do the math for your own region from there, I’m sure. I think it might have been a better idea to have a more gradual, roll-out launch of the event like Pokemon GO does, but oh well. The event will wrap up on November 17th. So, that’s about three weeks of spooky goodness for you to enjoy. Speaking of, what can you expect to see in the event?

Well, for one, there will be Halloween-themed cosmetics, of course. These include various scary and otherwise Halloween-themed skins, costumes, a trainer card border, background and sticker, and more. You can also look forward to the Halloween in Mer Stadium event. When the Pokemon Unite Halloween event 2022 release time and date rolls around, there will also be new holowear for different Pokemon. Some of it will actually be making a return, such as Costume Party Lucario and Space Style Zeraora.

Last, but definitely not least, there’s a whole new Pokemon coming to the game. It’s Zoroark, which I believe made it’s debut in Pokemon Black and White. Of course, it’s a very tricky Pokemon, so keep an eye out for it!

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