Private Lobby Back 4 Blood - Play with Friends & Bots

Making a Back 4 Blood private lobby to play with friends and bots is a bit of a complicated system. Well, not overly so, but you do have to mess around with the settings for a little bit. Specifically, you have to turn the Private Campaign Lobby to On and change your Privacy settings to allow only invites or friends. We’re gonna explain how to do all that in this guide.

private lobby back 4 blood play with friends & bots
Private Lobby Back 4 Blood – Play with Friends & Bots

How to Make Private Lobby Back 4 Blood

To make a private lobby in Back 4 Blood, the first step is to press the button that brings up the Campaign, whatever it is on your platform. Select the Play tab and, from there, go into Preferences. Switch the Private Campaign Lobby to On. With that done, go into the Social tab in your settings and go to Privacy. Change the setting of Party Privacy to either Invites Only or Friends Only, whichever best suits your needs. That way, nobody will be able to enter your game without being your friend or without receiving an invitation from you. But, what if you don’t have enough friends to fill in the entire team? Well, that brings us to out next point.

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How to Play with Bots & Friends Back 4 Blood

To play Back 4 Blood with bots and friends, after you make a private lobby by following the steps above, go into the Campaign menu. In the lobby, you’ll see your character with three empty slots next to them. All you need to do is click on these empty slots. From there, you can invite your friends into the game. If you don’t have enough people to fill in the whole team, the game will auto-fill them with bots. There is no dedicated command or button or setting or whatever for playing with bots; the game will just give them to you automatically if you’ve set your privacy settings to Invite or Friends Only.

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