Get Free Spooky Gourdian Character Set in Minecraft

To get the free Spooky Gourdian character set in Minecraft, you have to do different things, depending on whether you want to get it in Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft Bedrock edition. We’ll explain what you need to do for both games in this guide. Really, neither of these is that difficult; the only real difference is that you’ll have to work a little harder for it in Dungeons.

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get free spooky gourdian character set in minecraft
Get Free Spooky Gourdian Character Set in Minecraft

How to Get Free Spooky Gourdian Character Set in Minecraft Bedrock

To get the Minecraft Bedrock free Spooky Gourdian character set, open the game and head into the dressing room. Go into the character creator and edit your character style. Change your headwear to Gourdian Head, top to Gourdian Gear, gloves to Gourdian Gloves, and bottom to Gourdian Pants. Apparently, the footwear is actually not free, and you’ll have to pay 99 cents for them. I don’t know if this is intentional or a glitch, but at the time of writing, the spooky footwear is the only part of the outfit that you actually have to purchase.

Now, you can also get this Halloween-themed character set in Minecraft Dungeons, too. Go to the mission selection map, and you should see seasonal missions or trials, and you need to grind them to get the Halloween rewards. These include the the Cackling Broom, the Phantom Bow, and you can also get the free Minecraft Spooky Gourdian character set as armor. The Halloween event will take place in both Minecraft Bedrock and Dungeons between October 13th at 1 PM UTC+1 and November 2nd at 1 PM UTC+1. So, you have three weeks to get all the stuff.

Now, with all of that said, there is a bit of bad news that I have to give you. The Spooky Guardian is only available in Dungeons and Bedrock. You can’t get it in the Java version of Minecraft. I know, it sucks that not every player has access to the cool Halloween skin, but that’s how this particular cookie crumbles.

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