PUBG Vending Machine Locations Map

In our PUBG Vending Machine Locations Map guide, we’ll show you where you can find these new machines and what you can get from them. The vending machines are a new addition to the Miramar map, basically as an alternative to just finding stuff on the floor. It all seems pretty simple, but there are a few kinks you need to be aware of. So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s get into the meat of the matter.

pubg vending machine locations map
PUBG Vending Machine Locations Map

Where to Find Vending Machine PUBG Locations

To find the vending machine locations in PUBG, you need to search for them in Miramar. As far as we know, they can’t really be found anywhere else at the time of writing. Specifically, they can appear in “Arenas, Casino, gas stations, Motels and commercial buildings,” according to the official announcement. We’ve marked every possible spawn point with red dots on the map below. Where the vending machines will actually appear is random, but you will definitely find them in one of these locations. Or, as the announcement puts it: “Vending machines spawn randomly at set locations.” So, yeah, if you want to loot yourself some sodas or snacks or something, here’s where to do it.

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vending machine locations pubg map
Vending machine locations (click to zoom in)

So, that’s it for the map of PUBG vending machine locations, aka where to find them. Now, what exactly can you find in these? At the moment, it’s only painkillers and energy drinks, or so the aforementioned announcement says. There might be more in the future, but for now, it’s only these two items. And if you’re super-lucky, you might even get “many” energy drinks at once. What you do have to be aware of, though, is that the vending machines are “protected by cutting-edge anti-theft technology,” meaning that any attempt to damage them will cause an alarm of some sort to go off. In other words, everyone in the vicinity will know where you are. So, be careful with the machines and think twice about using them as cover.

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