Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings - Cookie Run Kingdom

Pure Vanilla Cookie is the leader of the Ancient Heroes and is one of the most prominent characters in Cookie Run Kingdom. Specializing in healing from the rear line, he is a very useful character that you will definitely want to make the most out of. Our Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings – Cookie Run Kingdom guide will let you do just that, and we will describe the best toppings selections and strategies for him here.

Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings - Cookie Run Kingdom

Toppings For Pure Vanilla Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The game description for Pure Vanilla Cookie states: “There are not many Cookies on Earthbread who could inspire hope as Pure Vanilla Cookie did. Born from nature-blessed cream and a fragrant vanilla bean, he was the epitome of Cookie kindness and faithfulness. Pure Vanilla Cookie strived to forgive the wrongdoer and heal the wounds of Cookies and animals alike. Though a powerful wielder of magic, he would use his spells not for his own good, but for the good of everyone. The Cookie took an arduous pilgrimage down the Sugar-Free Road. What Pure Vanilla Cookie learned through the Trials is unknown, but crowned with a bright halo of light he returned to found the Vanilla Kingdom, a land of freedom and learning, and a beacon for those seeking love and peace. Pure Vanilla Cookie stood by his friends until the very end, warding off the Darkness with a heartfelt smile.”

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As such, the best Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings would be either 5x Solid Almonds, or 5x Swift Chocolate. The Solid Almonds give a better damage resist, which is critical for such a support-oriented character. And the Swift Chocolate provides a faster cooldown, allowing Pure Vanilla Cookie to use his abilities faster. You can also opt for a combination of 3x Swift Chocolate and 2x Solid Almonds for a more balanced mix.

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