Quest Egg 1 Value Pet Simulator X

The Quest Egg is a new type of gift box (also referred to as boxes, or more simply as gifts) in Pet Sim X. It has been added to the game with the recent X Quests update which was released on April 22nd, 2023. Wondering what this Quest Egg is all about, what you can get from it, and what is its value if you decide to trade for it? In this Pet Simulator X guide, we’re going to tell you the value of 1 Quest Egg and how much it’s worth.

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Quest Egg 1 Value Pet Simulator X
Quest Egg 1 Value Pet Simulator X

Pet Sim X Quest Egg 1 Value

You can purchase or sell one Quest Egg for approximately 2.5 Billion Diamonds (or gems, as they are also called). Of course, as is the case with every other pet or item you can trade for in PSX, the value of the Quest Egg is changing from day to day. This means that you should take this price more as a general worth of the Quest Egg, and not as a set value. As of right now, there are two pets that you can get from the Quest Egg. These are the M-10 Prototype and the Huge M-10 Prototype.

You have a 99.9% chance of getting the M-10 Prototype from it, and a 0.1% chance of hatching a Huge M-10 Prototype instead. If you want to know the what is the price for the M-10 Prototype, we have the M-10 Prototype value guide right here.

How to Get Quest Egg 1 Pet Simulator X

You can get this Egg either by trading for it (though, as you can see, it is very expensive at the moment), or by getting it from the Quest Shop. It costs 400 Quest Points. To earn these Quest Points, you will need to finish the various quests in PSX.

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