Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 Release Date & Time

The Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 release date and time are almost here. In this guide, we are going to talk about when you can expect for the new chunk of content to launch. We’ll also mention some of the stuff Act 3 Episode 6 will bring to the game. So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

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valorant episode 6 act 3 release date & time
Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 Release Date & Time

Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 Release Date and Time

The release date and time of Episode 6 Act 3 in Valorant is going to be April 25. That’s also when Patch 6.08 and enrolling for the Premier Beta are going to begin. Now, neither the developers nor leakers have yet announced when this is going to happen. However, new Valorant content usually comes out around the same time, which is somewhere between 6 and 7 AM Pacific Time / 9 and 10 AM Eastern Time / 3 and 4 PM Central European Time, etc. You can do your own math from there. Remember that this is just educated guesswork on our part; we can’t say for certain that this is when Episode 6 Act 3 will kick off. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, so stay tuned. Feel free to let us know in the comments if our prediction is off.

And there you have it, that’s all we know about the Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 release date and time right now. As far as we know, the new content will not include a new agent or a new map. Maybe it will at some point in the future, but we’ll have to wait and see. What we do know is that the new act and episode will bring a new battle pass, with tons of nifty stuff to unlock. These include several different skinlines, including Moondash, Monstrocity, and Bound. Of course, you can also expect to get Gun Buddies, Player Cards, and Sprays. The price of the battle pass will most likely be the standard thousand Valorant Points, which adds up to ten bucks.

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