RE4 Remake Cave Puzzle, Small & Large Cave Shrine

In our RE4 Remake Cave Puzzle, Small & Large Cave Shrine guide, we are going to explain how to solve these puzzles in the Resident Evil 4 remake and reach the demonic statues that lie beyond. And interact with them and try and ignore the gushes of blood pouring from their neck stumps. It’s probably fine. Anyways, here’s how these puzzles work.

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re4 remake cave puzzle small & large cave shrine
RE4 Remake Cave Puzzle, Small & Large Cave Shrine

Resident Evil 4 Remake Cave Puzzle – Small Cave Shrine

The solution for the Small Cave Shrine puzzle in the RE4 remake is to press three of the buttons on the dais. Now, you can find the correct symbols on the walls of the cave and the shack, but that’s not what we’ll be messing around with here. We are just going to cut to the chase and give you the correct answer: you need to press the button with the three wavy squiggles, the “bow” right above it and the three horned things. Look at the image below if you don’t know what I mean. I don’t think the order is necessarily important, but just in case, we’ve numbered the buttons.

small cave shrine puzzle solution resident evil 4 remake
Small cave shrine puzzle solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Cave Puzzle – Large Cave Shrine

Like the in the previous case, you need to press the correct three buttons on the dais to solve the Large Cave Shrine puzzle in the remake of RE4. I officially give up on trying to describe these symbols, so let’s just say it like this: first, press the button to the right of the top one (one o’clock), then press the bottom one (six o’clock) and then the one to the left of the top (eleven o’clock). Again, just consult the image below, and you’ll be fine. Yes, I’ve numbered these, too; even if the order is unimportant, I’d rather not risk messing you up.

how to solve resident evil 4 remake large cave shrine puzzle
Large cave shrine puzzle solution
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