Diablo 4 Side Quest Locations Map, Fractured Peaks 35/35 Completion

There are a total of 35 side quests in the Diablo 4. Of course, it’s not easy to complete all of these side quests, as many of them are very difficult to find. Some can be stumbled on randomly, while many others require that you complete other quests first, or reach a particular level before you can get them. So if you are missing a side quest or two and don’t know where and how to get them, we invite you to check out our Diablo 4 Side Quest Locations Map Fractured Peaks, so you can achieve the full 35/35 Completion.

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Diablo 4 Side Quest Locations Map, 35-35 Completion
Diablo 4 Side Quest Locations Map, Fractured Peaks 35/35 Completion

Diablo 4 Side Quests Locations in Fractured Peaks

Below you can see all of the side quests in the Diablo 4, as well as where and how to get them and their quest givers. That is, all except for one. We currently don’t know where the side quest #35 is. However, since there are currently 22 dungeons in the Fractured Peaks, even though it says 22/23 in the game, we assume that this final missing side quest is still not available. In any case, if you know what this last side quest is and how to get it, please share this with us in the comments. And now, let’s see all the side quests and their map locations:

  • 1. Menasted coffers – Requirements: Lv. 5+.
  • 2. Raising Spirits – Giver: Guard Boza.
  • 3. Malady of the Soul – Giver: Sister Octavia.
  • 4. The Sealed Door – Giver: Strange Beggar.
  • 5. Cries of Innocence – Giver: Vendral Trost / Condition: Complete Dungeon: Black Asylum.
  • 6. A Cold Faith – Giver: Pilgrim’s Journal.
  • 7. Exorcist’s Cache – Requirements: Kill a Ghost and pick up the Exorcist’s Cache.
  • 8. Chain of Possession – Giver: Parin / Condition: Complete Dungeon: The Red Cellar, Complete Quest: The Woodsman of Nevesk.
  • 9. Legacy Unmade – Giver: Parin / Condition: Complete Dungeon: Sanctified Study, Complete Quest: Chain of Possession.
  • 10. The Woodsman of Nevesk – Giver: Magdalena.
  • 11. Bound by Blood – Giver: Lacthan / Condition: Complete Dungeon: Conniving Tunnels.
  • 12. The Cleansing Flame – Giver: Priest Matvey.
  • 13. Legacies of Light’s Watch – Giver: Zalan Coste / Condition: Complete Dungeon: Light’s Watch.
  • 14. Traveler’s Prayer – Giver: Pilgrim’s Letter.
  • 15. Ravenous Dead – Giver: Orton.
  • 16. Unyielding Flesh – Giver: Krystyna.
  • 17. Better Days – Giver: Loot a corpse to find the Faded Old Painting.
  • 18. Depths of Despair – Giver: Sister Octavia / Condition: Complete Quest: Malady of the Soul.
  • 19. Faith in Blood – Giver: Petr / Condition: Complete Quest: Depths of Despair.
  • 20. Sight to Madness – Giver: Vilek / Condition: Complete Stronghold: Nostrava Lvl 15+.
  • 21. Unwritten End – Giver: Pick up the Merchant’s Ledger (The location is probably random).
  • 22. Frostbloom – Giver: Pick up the Frostbloom from a random herb patch.
  • 23. Blood Sermon – Requirements: Lvl 8+.
  • 24. Shattered Tribute – Giver: Sena / Condition: Complete Dungeon: Hoarfrost Demise.
  • 25. Call of the Ancients – Giver: Glous / Condition: Complete Quest: Hammer of the Grizzly.
  • 26. The Beast’s Challenge – Giver: Greganoch.
  • 27. Hammer of the Champion – Giver: Greganoch / Condition: Complete Stronghold: Malnok.
  • 28. The Dread Martyr – Giver: Sir Cromwell / Condition: Complete Dungeon: Hallowed Ossuary.
  • 29. Secret of the Spring – Giver: Discarded Note.
  • 30. Gory Display – Giver: Ice Clan Impaler.
  • 31. Forgive Me – Giver: Pick up the Bloodied Note from Julek inside Kor Dragan Barracks / Condition: Complete Dungeon: Kor Dragan Barracks.
  • 32. Gold Well Spent – Giver: Meros.
  • 33. Forgotten Legacy – ???.
  • 34. Hungering Bone Cache – Giver: Pick up the Hungering Bone Cache.
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