RE4 Remake Crystal Ball Puzzle Solution

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Crystal Marble puzzle (or simply RE4 Remake Crystal Ball Puzzle) is one of the most intriguing enigmas for players to solve in the latest Resident Evil game. Read on to learn how to solve the rotating ball puzzle in the Village Chief’s Manor in the RE4 Remake.

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RE4 Remake Crystal Ball Puzzle Solution

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Crystal Marble Puzzle Solution

You will find the Crystal Marble once you open the cabinet in the Village Chief’s Manor, the one which requires the Resident Evil 4 combination lock. Once you have the Crystal Marble, you will need to go upstairs and place it inside the slot in the door. The crystal ball puzzle in Resident Evil 4 Chapter 2 requires players to rotate the said ball so that the bubbles inside the ball match with the symbol behind them. Esenntilay, you will need to line up these bubbles so that they create the symbol of Los Illuminados. Sounds easy enough; however, it creates a lot of trouble for many players as they are unsure how exactly they need to do this.

To be perfectly frank, it is not an easy thing to explain with words. What you want to do is to rotate the ball until the bubbles pile up and start to resemble the symbol behind it. Once you are close, simply start doing micro-adjustments and fine-tuning its position. It doesn’t need to be the perfect match. It just needs to resemble it close enough, and the game will recognise it. Once you get it, the bubbles will create the symbol, and you will hear a click.

To better understand what you need to do, it’s best to watch a video od the puzzle being solved. For that, check out this Mista FiOth’s video guide, and just make the same rotations as he did. Hopefully, this helps!

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  1. D

    No matter what I do it still doesn’t unlock. I’ve been at this damn puzzle for over an hour. Still doesn’t unlock even when the image is damn near perfect

    1. M

      Absolute joke of a puzzle got it bang on & still won’t click, good luck solving this

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