RE4 Remake Freezer Puzzle Hardcore and Standard Difficulty Solution

In our RE4 Remake Freezer Puzzle Hardcore and Standard Difficulty Solution guide, we are going to show you how to solve this puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake on both difficulties. The Standard solution also works on Assisted difficulty. This puzzle is not required to progress, but there is a free weapon to grab in the freezer, so it’s worth your while. Let’s begin.

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re4 remake freezer puzzle hardcore and standard difficulty solution
RE4 Remake Freezer Puzzle Hardcore and Standard Difficulty Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Freezer Puzzle Solution on Hardcore and Standard Difficulty

The solution to the RE4 remake freezer puzzle on Standard difficulty is as follows: Number 1 on the right should have one prong pointing up and the other left. Right number 2 needs one prong pointing right and one down. Now we move to Bottom 3. Rotate it until the “T” is facing the right side up. Lastly, spin Bottom 4 so that one prong is facing right and one down. Now, activate the power, and you’re good to go. If you’re still struggling with it, take a look at the screenshot below. Keep in mind that solving this puzzle is not mandatory, but you do get a free weapon (the LE 5) if you manage it.

freezer puzzle solution standard difficulty resident evil 4 remake re4
Normal difficulty solution (click to zoom in)

The solution for the freezer puzzle on Hardcore difficulty in the RE4 remake is slightly different, and definitely harder. However, once you know which positions to place the pieces in, you’ll solve it in seconds. Duh. Anyways, we are going to focus entirely on the left side. First off, spin the Number 1 shape so that the the bottom of the “T” is facing downwards. Next, turn Number 2 until one prong is facing right and one down. The bottom of the “T” in Number 3 needs to face to the left. Lastly, the “T” in Number 4 needs to be upside down, meaning that the bottom needs to face upward. Run the power, and the LE 5 is all yours. Again, if the description is a bit too much, consult the screenshot below.

how to solve freezer puzzle hardcore difficulty re4 remake
Hardcore difficulty solution (click to zoom in)
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