Resident Evil 4 Remake More Pest Control Rats Locations

In our Resident Evil 4 Remake More Pest Control Rats Locations guide, we are going to show you where to find all the rats you need to complete this RE4 remake sub objective. There’s a total of three rats you’ll need to hunt down. They are all near the room where you start the quest, but they’re not all available in the same chapter. Let’s break it down.

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resident evil 4 remake more pest control rats locations
Resident Evil 4 Remake More Pest Control Rats Locations

RE4 Remake More Pest Control Rats Locations

Before we get to the locations of rats in the RE4 remake, we first need to explain how to start the Resident Evil 4 More Pest Control sub objective. In Chapter 9, you have to find a note near the headless statue of what looks to be a chimera. From the Courtyard, head east through the Grand Hall. Keep going east and up the stairs, and that’s where the statue is. To the left (aka the north), there’s a wooden door, and the note is on the wall on the right. Now, go through that door, and you’ll find yourself in another hallway leading to the Dining Hall. The first rat will be somewhere in that hallway. Keep your ears open for the squeaking and your eyes on the floor.

The second of three rats locations in the Resident Evil 4 remake More Pest Control can also be found in Chapter 9. Go back through the Great Hall and keep your eye on your right (or to the north, if you prefer). You’ll come across a door that opens into another hallway. This one leads to the Armory. The rat will be pacing through the hallway. The third and final pest doesn’t become available until Chapter 10. Go through the door south of the headless statue, then through the door on your right. Follow the hallway leading south, to the library. You’ll find the rat in the section with the boar and deer heads on the wall, right after the part where you need to crouch through a hole.

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