Read Bitlife Communist Manifesto

Read Bitlife Communist Manifesto is one of the steps you need to complete in order to successfully do the V Challenge. It is just one of the stops of you becoming a revolutionary that kinda sorta follows in the footsteps of the titular V. Reading the Communist Manifesto for the V Challenge isn’t any more complicated than reading any other book; however, you might run into some trouble trying to find it in the list of available reading material. That’s why we’ve made this guide to help you out.

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read bitlife communist manifesto
Read Bitlife Communist Manifesto

How to Read Bitlife Communist Manifesto

To read the Communist Manifesto in Bitlife, you first need to age up for a little while. Your best bet is to keep going until you’re around the age of eighteen or so. Of course, you can read books before that age, but the Manifesto won’t appear in the list of available books until you’re in your late teens. Once your character reaches the right age, go into Activities, then Mind & Body, then Book.

The game will then let you pick your book by tapping the little arrow to bring up the drop-down menu. Select the Communist Manifesto and confirm your selection, then tap the book thirty times to leaf through the whole thing. That should complete this step. If the Manifesto is not in the list of books, exit the selection screen then tap Book again. This will offer you a whole different list, so keep doing this until you find the one you need.

The Read the Communist Manifesto in Bitlife is a step in the currently-active V Challenge event, as we’ve already mentioned. It is, in fact, the second step in the challenge. The first one is to be born a male in the UK. Then, after reading the manifesto, you have to rob a bank while wearing the Guy Fawkes mask. After that, you need to go to prison and work as a barber for over five years. Lastly, you have to cause a riot in prison and then use it to escape. That won’t always happen, so you might have to try a few times before you manage to get out. Good luck, and remember, remember.

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