How to Get Prison Barber Job in Bitlife

Figuring out how to get the prison barber job in Bitlife, or to work as a barber in prison, is necessary to complete the V Challenge. The method to get this job is simple on the surface, but there are a few potential snags you might hit. This is especially true in the case of the challenge, where you’re technically on a timer. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to give you a few tips.

how to get prison barber job in bitlife
How to Get Prison Barber Job in Bitlife

How to Work as a Barber in Prison in BitLife

To get a prison barber job in Bitlife, aka to work as a barber in prison, you need to go into the Prison Jobs tab. Then, just select Barber, and there you have it. Unfortunately, things are not always that simple, because the position of barber will not always be open. To circumvent that, you can simply exit the game and go back in, then check the Prison Jobs tab again. Alternatively, you can just age your character up and try again. Rinse and repeat until the barber position becomes available.

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Of course, if you’re trying to become a prison barber for the V Challenge that’s currently going on, keep in mind that you have to not only get to be a barber, but also stay in that position for over five years. So, if you keep aging up, it might mess with your plans. If that does happen, well, you’ll have to start a new character. That’s how to get the prison barber job in Bitlife, or work as a barber in prison, if you prefer. I wish you the best of luck and hope that the gods of RNG look upon you favorably.

Becoming a prison barber is the fourth, penultimate step in the V Challenge. The first is to be born a male in the UK, and then you have to read the Communist Manifesto. The next step is to rob a bank with a Guy Fawkes mask, then become a barber, and lastly cause a prison riot and use it to escape.

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    I literally keep getting the same jobs every time I go to prison (farmer, line cook, comissary attendant, etc) and I have not seen the barber job once. I ve went to prison like 8 times. It s gotten to the point where mischief gives me 8 years in prison. Please help, as I literally reloaded so many lives to get the fucking crime talent and I had to attempt a bank robbery 3 times to successfully do it. (Crime talent is for bank robbery. It s nearly impossible without the crime talent) I’m in the same boat. It seems like aging up in the same prison doesn’t change which ones are available so I’ve appealed escaped gone back tons of times but it’s still not giving me the option !! Is this really going to be what holds me back from the challenge

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