Redfall Dead Catch Records Studio Key Location

The Redfall Dead Catch Records studio key location is not particularly difficult to find, but there are external circumstances make it difficult to spot. I’ll explain what I mean in a bit. Before that, though, we’ll tell you where the Dead Catch Records studio key is. Here we go!

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redfall dead catch records studio key location
Redfall Dead Catch Records Studio Key Location

Where to Find Dead Catch Records Studio Key in Redfall

To find the studio key location in Dead Catch Records in Redfall, you actually have to go one floor below. So, turn your back to the locked door, walk forwards and then down the stairs on the left. Once at the bottom, turn left and head towards the wall with the large green-and-purple mural. Under the mural is a white folding table with a radio, a mug and other random bits and bobs on it. More importantly, the table is where you are going to find the studio key on a pink lanyard. Pick it up and double back to the locked door. Open it, clear out what enemies there may be, and shut the broadcast down. Easy as pie.

And there you have it, that’s the location of the Dead Catch Records studio key in Redfall. On the surface, it’s pretty simple; you just have to explore the place for a little bit. However, the problem is the lighting inside the break room where the key is. Namely, the light reflected off the table surface makes the key borderline invisible from multiple angles. Add to that the enemies that are crawling all over the place and, well, you have a problem. Well, now you know where the studio key is, so you shouldn’t have trouble with it. You’ll only have to contend with everything else, like sensitivity issues and the danged Incompatible Build Arkane Connection Lost error.

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