Remnant 2 Down? Remnant 2 Server Status & Maintenance

Are Remnant 2 servers down currently? The sequel to the highly popular souls-like third-person shooter action RPG is here! Just like the original game, you will have the most fun playing online with friends. However, that given that co-op is played online, you’ll need a stable online connection. In this guide, we will regularly inform you about the latest Remnant 2 server status, the maintenance schedule, current outages and downtime periods.

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Remnant 2 Down? Remnant II Server Status & Maintenance
Remnant 2 Server Status

Are Remnant 2 Serves Down Right Now?

Update: On Tuesday, August 8th, players are reporting server issues. The developers are yet to acknowledge the issues since there is no official maintenance announcement. We will update the article once we have more information.

At the time of writing, Remnant 2 servers are up and running. However, we’re currently at the early access stage of the game. The Remnant 2 release date is Tuesday, July 25, 2023, for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC at 9 am PT, 12 pm ET, and 5 pm BST for those who do not own the Ultimate Edition. Hence, expect a surge in player numbers and potential issues once it goes live.

The servers can go down for various reasons. For example, a massive influx of players trying to play the game simultaneously might overload the servers, causing them to crash. A DDoS attack or other nefarious activities might bring them down as well. Things like regular updates and maintenance usually also require servers to go offline for some time. Whatever the case, we will make sure to regularly and promptly update the article with the latest information regarding the Remnant 2 server status.

How to Check Remnant 2 Server Status

The best and fastest way to check the Remnant 2 Server Status is via the official Twitter page of the game. The Remnant 2 Europe handle is also a good place to follow if you live in Europe. Gearbox Official, the publisher’s Twitter, is another account you should give a follow. Finally, you can always come back here. We will strive to regularly and quickly update the article as soon as there are some server issues.

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