Remnant 2 Engineer Location & Unlock

Not sure where to find the Engineer location in Remnant 2? The sequel to the popular souls-like third-person shooter action RPG is here, and it improves and expands almost every aspect of a game with already good foundations. Read on as we explain how to unlock the secret Engineer class in Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2 Engineer Location & Unlock
Secret Archetype Engineer Location in Remnant 2

How to Unlock Engineer Class in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a souls-like co-op RPG shooter which offers a myriad of options to customize your playstyle and fine-tune your build. Of course, everything starts with the selection of a class you want to play. At the start, you get the choose between the Medic, Hunter, Challenger, Handler, and Gunslinger. However, the game also offers several secret archetypes to unlock, which aren’t available from the get-go. And by far the most popular secret class in Remnant 2 is the Engineer Archetype.

The Engineer Archetype Location in Remnant 2

In order to unlock the secret Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2, you will need to find an item called the Alien Device. This item can be found N’Erud. Specifically, Remnant 2 Engineer location is at the Eon Vault. And to be even more precise, the Alien Device is located on the ground near the Titan’s Reach world stone. The problem is, this area is filled with toxic fog, and the item doesn’t have a set location. Rather, it spawns randomly anywhere in this area.

It is recommended to have Purified Salve when entering the area, in order to remove the Curse effect. What you need to find is an Engineer’s dead corpse location. The easiest way to spot it in the fog is by using the Treasure Hunter Explorer skill. This skill highlights nearby items, allowing you to easily see interactive items, despite the fog. This includes the Engineer’s body.

When you reach the body, grab the Technician armor set from it, and then look around for the Alien Device, which should be close by. Finally, when you have the alien device, bring it back to Wallace at Ward 13. Wallace will craft the Drzyr Caliper engram for you. The Drzyr Caliper engram is a unique item that unlocks the Engineer Archetype. Here’s what will you need:

  • Alien Device
  • 10 Lumenite Crystal
  • 1000 Scrap
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