Remnant 2 Faerin Or Faelin Choice, What are Differences

If you are on the fence, not sure if you should choose Faerin Or Faelin in Remnant 2, we got the answers that you need! Remnant 2 is now live, available for players around the world on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and the PS5. In this guide, we explain the differences and rewards between choosing Faerin Or Faelin in Remnant II.

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Remnant 2 Faerin Or Faelin Choice, What are Differences

Should You Kill Faelin or Faerin in Remnant 2

Once you find the two Mural Pieces and place them into the corresponding large circle in the Palace Courtyard, you will be granted access to Beatific and Malefic Galleries. There, you will meet two peculiar fellas – Faelin and Faerin. Each of the two bosses will demand the other one be killed. Thus, you can not kill both of them. You need to make a choice. So, what’s the better pick? Should you kill Faerin Or Faelin?

First of all, you should know that there are no big consequences in terms of the game’s story. The main difference here is in regard to the rewards you’ll get. Both slain enemies will drop a weapon and a ring. However, the stats and bonuses they grant you come with different classes and builds in mind. Beating Faerin will grant you items catered towards melee build. On the other hand, defeating Faelin will net you a long gun and a ring which supports ranged builds.

  • Killing Faerin in Malefic Gallery rewards:
    • The Godsplitter Melee Weapon
    • Faelin’s Sigil (Ring): Melee damage generates 10% additional Mod Power.
  • Killing Faelin in Beatific Gallery rewards:
    • The Deceit Long Gun
    • Faerin’s Sigil (Ring): Critical and Weak Spot Hits generate 10% additional Mod Power.

So there you have it. Now you have the answer to the question whether should you kill Faerin Or Faelin in Remnant 2. Check out the images below for the exact stats of both weapons.

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