Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle Solution, Correct Dial Symbols

In our guide on how to solve the Lament Dial puzzle in Remnant 2, we will explain what you need to look for. The Lament is one of the side areas of Yaesha. At one point, you’ll stumble upon a puzzle with coffins and a dial with symbols. Read on as we provide you with the correct symbols to solve the puzzle.

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Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle Solution, Correct Dial Symbols
Stone Dial with Symbols Puzzle Solution Remnant II

Remnant 2 The Lament Dial with Symbols Puzzle Solution

Remnant 2 will not only test your third-person shooting skills and your ability to create a deadly build but will also put on trial your puzzle-solving prowess. There are numerous puzzles which you will need to solve on your journey across the terrifying worlds of the game. One particularly confusing puzzle can be found in the Lament area of Yaesha.

This Remnant 2 Lament puzzle consists of a strange strange stone dial with symbols, which you need to place correctly in order to open the door. So, what’s the correct code here? In order to find out the order of symbols, you’ll first need to check out a nearby book. The book is near a skeleton across the ramp in the room with the coffins. Check out the image below for the exact location. The book has a lot of interesting lore if you are interested in reading it. However, for the purpose of solving the puzzle, you’ll need to check out the symbol on the first page and its color. It’s important to note that this is randomized.

Remember the symbol and its color. From there, head back to the graves and check out the blankets on each of them. There should be four bodies with a cover whose pattern and color match the one in the book. Note the symbol above each of the corresponding graves. Enter those symbols into the dial. When you enter all four correct dial symbols, you will solve the Remnant 2 Lament Puzzle! Now simply enter inside and grab your rewards.

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