Renovation Site 4733 Chests Star Wars Jedi Survivor

If you want to know how to get both Chests at Renovation Site 4733 in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we’ve got you covered! Just like in the first game, the maps in Jedi Survivor are full of secret loot and collectables for you to find and add to your collection. Chests, like in the first game, contain various cosmetic rewards. These you can use to customize Cal, BD, your weapons, and the Mantis. In this guide, we explain how to reach the two chests at Renovation Site 4733.

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Renovation Site 4733 Chests Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How to Get Renovation Site 4733 Chests in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

In total, there are two chests at this location. One of them can be reached by using the combination of wall running and double-jumping. Namely, at one point, you’ll stumble across two giant billboards. You can use these like walls for running in the first game. You will need to jump from one to another and then from the second one to the platform on the other side. Once you are on that platform, check the small alley in the corner. Finally, you will find the second Renovation Site 4733 Chest there. Check out the images below for more details.

The first one on this level is even easier. You will find it shortly after the Water Ramp in Coruscant Undercity. Sidestep the ramp with your wall running ability, and then climb up the wall to the right. From there, you will see a door on which you can use Splice with BD-1. You will find the first Renovation Site 4733 chest inside. Have fun exploring the rest of the game!

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