How to Reroll in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile

If you don’t know how to reroll in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll guide you through the process of how to basically start the game over if you’re dissatisfied with your initial character pulls. We’ll also tell you when you should go through the rerolls. Spoilers: it’s not at the point when you make your very first pull. You should save it for later.

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how to reroll in fullmetal alchemist mobile
How to Reroll in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile

How to Reroll in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile

To reroll in Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile, all you have to do is delete the game data in your phone’s settings. Before you do, know that you shouldn’t do this after your first pull. We’ll explain why in the next paragraph. Anyway, if you do go through all the initial pulls and are unhappy with the results, exit the game and go into Settings. Hop into Apps and find and select Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. Go to Memory and select Clear Data in the bottom left. This will let you start the game over without having to delete and re-download the whole game. This is how the process works on Android, but it works pretty much the same way on iOS.

So, that’s how you reroll at the start of Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile. Now, we’ve said above that you shouldn’t do this after the first pull. I mean, you can, but if you play for another twenty minutes or so, you’ll unlock access to three different banners. This happens after (slight spoiler) the battle on the top of the train. Make sure to collect all your rewards from the in-game mail, the shop, the Mission List, etc. At that point, you should be able to make one multi-pull from the SSR banner and from the third banner. Once you do all the pulls you can (use Diamonds to supplement the Coins when you run out), and you’re unhappy, only then should you go through the steps we’ve laid out in the first paragraph.

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